Since That First Time I Jerk Him Off Every Wednesday Night

My next door neighbor Darren was crippled in an auto accident 4 years ago and lives with his mother.

Darren is 48 years old and and leads a dreadful life having only his mother to care for him except for a nurse who comes 4 times a week for an hour or two.

I'm a 35 year old single mom and have a great boyfriend that I can never tell this to him.

Every Wednesday night for over a year now I see Darren while his mother goes to play cards at her lady friends house.

We became good friends and we talked about everything news, politics, sports and over time much talk about sex.

He was very open and told me intimate things about his sex life.

He was always in his PJ's and I began to notice how he would often get erections which I only ignored never saying anything about it.

I mostly kept my sex life quiet but Darren told me of his past relationships and often mentioned that even though he was badly injured still was able to get aroused and ejaculate.

Then he began telling me how he masturbates everyday and watches a lot of porn.

It was just over a year ago if he asked if he could jerk off in front of me.

I did laugh out loud when he ask that and I admit being surprised he would ask something like that.

I suppose it was the fact I felt sorry for him and how confined his life has been that I eventually told him I would watch.

Now I'm not fat but am not skinny either and know I am not hot looking.

Not ugly but far from a girl that gets hit on or whistled at.

I first asked Darren if it would embarrass him and he just said he has no pride left.

I just sat there and he pushed his PJ bottoms down exposing himself, put skin lotion in his hand and commenced to masturbate.

His penis isn't huge but I'd have to say normal size for a guy and with lots of pubic hair.

For the next month or so I watched him masturbate every Wednesday and it became like a fun thing for both of us and Darren seemed so happy to be able to do that.

Again I believe it was because of my pity of him and how happy he became when I watched him the one night I just reached over and jerked him off.

It was like I wasn't even thinking about it and just did it.

He ejaculated within seconds once I touched him and don't thing he could believe I did that.

Since that first time I jerk him off every Wednesday night.

Gradually I began satisfying him more just buy taking time and play with is penis and testicles.

I jerk off my boyfriend also sometimes and with Darren I go slow teasing him and messaging between his balls and his anus to stimulate his prostate.

His reaction is incredible the way he groans, the expression on his face and the way he shivers.

I always push his legs wide apart and do what I can to have him last a long time before he cums.

He sighs when I finally hold his scrotum in one hand and jerk him off with the other and am amazed at the amount of semen he ejaculates.

Its not very often but at times he is able to get aroused a second time.

My boyfriend will never know about this.

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