He Just Kept Talking As He Washed His Body

While on a cruise 4 months ago, went to a piano bar with my husband and the piano player was Bernie, who didn't recognize me and who I haven't seen in over 15 years.

Bernie was my cousin Teresa's step dad up until she was about 12 years old when her mom left him.

Teresa and I are still close and I did tell her about seeing him when I got home.

He married Teresa's mom when she was only 5 or 6 and they divorced when she was about 12.

I often stayed at Teresa's house on weekends from the time I was 10/11 up until I might have been 12 or 13 but I'm not sure now.

What I vividly recall is the fact I must have seen that man naked or at least saw his genitals hundreds of times.

I also know that became the reason her mom finally kicked him out.

For a long time Teresa's mom must have trusted him to watch us when she was out or at work.

We never told her mom about it for some reason but she eventually found out after a couple years of it.

There were other girls he exposed himself to and I believe one of them told their parents about it.

Once Teresa's mom was out of the house Bernie would go around in long dress shirts that weren't buttoned up with his penis and scrotum fully visible.

We both thought it as funny at the time and although he would occasionally get erections we thought it was cool how big it got.

He would intentionally call us into the bathroom when he showered only saying he forgot to take a towel out of the closet.

We would get one for him and as he showered would start a conversation with us.

He just kept talking as he washed his body.

We were to young at the time to know what masturbation was but that's what he would do as he spoke to us.

Teresa thinks it was her friend Brianna at the time who told her parents.

When Teresa's mom found out what he was doing that's when we admitted watching him and began telling her all the times he did.

I know he never tried to do anything with me and Teresa told me many times he never tried anything sexual with her except exposing himself a lot.

I don't know if the cops were ever involved but he just disappeared after that.

I always knew he was a piano player but now we know he does it on cruise ships.

He was always a nice looking man and I still remember how big his penis was especially when he had erections.

Neither Teresa or I remember how many other girls saw him like that but think at least 4 or 5.

As many time as I saw Bernie naked or exposed Teresa said he was like that almost every time her mom went out.

When we talked about it a few weeks ago she said she was so accustom to seeing his penis that she didn't pay much attention to it after awhile.

He should have went to jail but I doubt he ever did.

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