We Did Not Really Do Anything , Just The Occasional Kiss

I live in England . When i was 11 , i was at a mixed school , boys and girls .

I had a girlfriend Joyce . We did not really do anything , just the occasional kiss .

Joyce had a best friend , Linda . At weekends Joyce would stay at Lindas .

From Friday till Sunday night . Linda's motherworked in a shop . She left the house at 8-00 am .

Not getting back until 6-00 pm .They both slept in the same bed .

They invited me to go round on Saturday mornings .

Telling me to walk in if the door was not locked . I always shouted when i arrived .

They would tell me to come up to the bedroon .

When i got there , they would both be wearing pyjamas . I would sit between them on the bed .

We talked and i kissed them both . All very inocent . One Saturday , we were doing this .

When Joyce said something about boys . They had never seen a naked boy .

They both asked if i would show them . At first i said no .

Then i said yes , if they both undressed for me . When they said yes . I got undressd .

After looking at me , they wanted a closer look and to touch me .

I moved to the bed and sat between them . To let them touch me .

I already got erections and masturbated . When they toucheed me , i got an erection .

They wanted to know what had just happened .

So i explained , also telling them what happened if i stroked it . They wanted to see me cum .

I told them to undress and let me touch them . I would think about it .

It surprised me when i touched their vagina . To find that it was moist .

After they had let me feel them , i lay back and started to masturbate .

Then i sked if they wanted to do it for me . For a short time they did it , but kept swapping .

So i explained that i would like just one of them to do it .

The other one should get to do it later . Joyce was the one to do it .

While Linda watched , kneeling beside me . I could see Linda's vagina , i fingered it .

When Joyce had made me cum . Linda wanted to touch the cum and feel it .

Joyce had some on her hand . She sniffed it and tasted it . Now i concentrated on them .

First Linda . I licked her vagina , until she had an orgasm .Then i did the same to Joyce .

It wa then that they told me . They licked and fingered each other evry night , having orgasms .

This got me hard . I let Linda masturbate me . Making me cum .

The following weekend they were already undressed , i stripped .This time they let me fuck them .

All my dreams had come true . I fucked both of during the day . Cumming in their pussy .

They watched closely as i was fucking one of them . We did this every week .

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