I Was Roaming The Halls Sporadically Having Skipped A Class I Hated

A girl I liked that was labeled a freak because she was often in trouble and acted tough and I had an encounter.

She was sexy but I never told her, even though I know she thought I was cute.

She hid it behind the teasing because of that facade everyone had back then.

I didn’t tell her because I also hated her at times but was afraid she’d mock me if I ever did.

One day she was bombed and clearly had been drinking much of the morning.

I was roaming the halls sporadically having skipped a class I hated.

She grabbed me and stuck her tongue down my throat.

I could taste it on her breath but my what a tongue.

She laughed and said she always wanted to do that.

She could barely walk. She said let’s go f**k and she pulled me into the janitors closet.

I asked if she was also high and she said just a few puffs before she had started the vodka.

She took off her shirt and bra rather quickly.

I didn’t expect her to do anything but kiss me or fall asleep.

She grabbed my jeans and undid my belt.

She got to my boxers where I was already fully erect and she grabbed it while commenting on how hard I was.

She gave me the mother of all bl***obs and swallowed me whole.

This was insanely intense but all I ever envisioned.

Now, I know had she not been under the influence she likely never would’ve done this but I didn’t care.

I wanted her for years.

She told me she wanted me inside her and she then told me something I was shocked she knew.

She said she knew this wasn’t my first time and hang she saw me with her.

Now, I should say my teacher and I were discreet but sometimes we couldn’t help ourselves after school.

She said she went to turn in a late paper and saw her going down on me.

I became severely nervous yet also strangely excited. She then said she was jealous.

I asked if this was planned.

She said that this wasn’t blackmail but curiosity and now she knew why my teacher and I were together.

She also told me she was jealous of her.

I always sensed she thought I was cute and liked me behind all the teasing and mocking.

She was insecure and like the rest of them full of crap.

I told her I had liked her since fourth grade and she said that she realized she liked me since sixth.

To this day I don’t know if it was the alcohol that made or helped her get the nerve to seduce or come clean with me.

I honestly don’t care.

I do wonder sometimes.

She said if I f***ed her she wouldn’t tell on us.

I told her that nobody would believe you anyway that she would sleep with me of all people.

She then told me it’s obvious with how she looks at me and acts in class.

She had a point even if my teacher was a major flirt to all.

It’s how she covered things up, but women usually know things if they’re paying attention with an open mind.

She did often particularly with me. It’s why the insults and teasing were often so hurtful.

She knew things.

I told her to tell everyone and that nobody would ever believe you and that I didn’t care.

She then said well the sex will en

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