I Really Need Some Advice,I Live With My Sister We Are Both Seperated And It Makes It Easier For Us Money Wise,And We Have Always Been Close.The Other Night We Had A Few Drinks And A Bit Of A Session On Coke And Acid,We Had A Good Laugh Watching Films,Then Listening To Music,We Started Having A Chat About Our Fantacies As We Were Both Tripping Still,Kel Asked Me What I Used To Fantasize About When I Was With My Ex Wife,I Said I Would Tell Her But She Had To Tell Me Hers Aswell,She Agreed And We Had To Be Truthfull,Come On Then Rick You First,Ok Kel But Dont Get Angry With Me,I Have Always Had A Real Crush On One Woman And I Used To Pretend I Was With Her When I Had Sex With My Ex It Made It Easier For Me To Cum If I Thought About Her As She Is So Sexy God I Really Want To Get Her In Bed One Day,Ohh Well Who Is It Is She Still Around Here,She Is And She Still Looks Amazing Its You Kel I Know Its Wrong But I Cant Help It Your Bum Is So Sexy And I Really Want To Kiss You All Over And Taste Your Pussy Sorry If That Is A Bit Wierd,No Rick Its Not Becouse You Just Made It Easier For Me To Confess That I Think About You Sliding Your Cock Inside Me I Orgasm So Easilly When I Do That,I Stood Up And Started To Undress Get Naked Kel We Both Stripped Off And I Done 2 Fat Lines Of Coke I Snorted Mine And Kel Bent Over For Hers I Knelt Down And Kissed Her Bum I Am Going To Make You Orgasm Like You Never Have Before Kel Is That Ok,Yes Rick Yes,We Kissed And Carressed Each Other My Cock Was Rock Solid Harder And Bigger Than Its Ever Been,Your So Beautiful Kel So Beautiful I Sucked On Her Nipples And Rubbed Her Clitorus Wich Was So Hard And Swollen,Oohh Yes Rick Yes,I Layed On My Back And She Straddled My Face Lowering Her Pussy Onto My Face I Pulled Her Bum Cheecks Apart And Licked Her Bum Hole,Her Hand Tightened Around My Cock And Pulled My Foreskin Back Then She Took Me In Her Mouth,I Licked Her Clit The Taste And Smell Was So Good I Felt Her Start To Tense Up Then She Let Out A Big Groan And Her Cunt Exploded With Thick Sticky Cum Yes Rick Yes Lick Harder Harder Make Me Cum Again Yes Yes Yessss Ohh Fuck She Rubbed Her Soaking Cunt Over My Face Then Turned Round She Licked Her Cum Off My Mouth,Mmm Do You Want To Put Your Big Cock In Me Rick Do You,Yes Pls Kel I Want To Feel Your Cunt On My Cock So Much,She Guided My Cock To Her Cunt And Gently And Slowly Lowered Onto Me God Your So Big Rick So Big,She Screamed As She Took It All Inside Her Fuck Kel Your So Tight And Wet I Never Want This To Stop,We Fucked And Kel Orgasmed Over And Over Again Then My Cock Started To Throb And I Shot The Biggest Load Of Spunk Inside Her That I Had Ever Produced,We Kissed And Cuddled Had Some More Coke Then Were At It Again.Now We Sleep Together Every Night And Are Both Having The Best Sex Of Our Lives Is It Wrong Or Should We Carry On As We Are Both Happy

I really need some advice,i live with my sister we are both seperated and it makes it easier for us money wise,and we have always been close.The other night we had a few drinks and a bit of a session on coke and acid,we had a good laugh watching films,then listening to music,we started having a chat about our fantacies as we were both tripping still,kel asked me what i used to fantasize about when i was with my ex wife,i said i would tell her but she had to tell me hers aswell,she agreed and we had to be truthfull,come on then rick you first,ok kel but dont get angry with me,i have always had a real crush on one woman and i used to pretend i was with her when i had sex with my ex it made it easier for me to cum if i thought about her as she is so sexy god i really want to get her in bed one day,ohh well who is it is she still around here,she is and she still looks amazing its you kel i know its wrong but i cant help it your bum is so sexy and i really want to kiss you all over and taste your pussy sorry if that is a bit wierd,no rick its not becouse you just made it easier for me to confess that i think about you sliding your cock inside me i orgasm so easilly when i do that,i stood up and started to undress get naked kel we both stripped off and i done 2 fat lines of coke i snorted mine and kel bent over for hers i knelt down and kissed her bum i am going to make you orgasm like you never have before kel is that ok,yes rick yes,we kissed and carressed each other my cock was rock solid harder and bigger than its ever been,your so beautiful kel so beautiful i sucked on her nipples and rubbed her clitorus wich was so hard and swollen,oohh yes rick yes,i layed on my back and she straddled my face lowering her pussy onto my face i pulled her bum cheecks apart and licked her bum hole,her hand tightened around my cock and pulled my foreskin back then she took me in her mouth,i licked her clit the taste and smell was so good i felt her start to tense up then she let out a big groan and her cunt exploded with thick sticky cum yes rick yes lick harder harder make me cum again yes yes yessss ohh fuck she rubbed her soaking cunt over my face then turned round she licked her cum off my mouth,mmm do you want to put your big cock in me rick do you,yes pls kel i want to feel your cunt on my cock so much,she guided my cock to her cunt and gently and slowly lowered onto me god your so big rick so big,she screamed as she took it all inside her fuck kel your so tight and wet i never want this to stop,we fucked and kel orgasmed over and over again then my cock started to throb and i shot the biggest load of spunk inside her that i had ever produced,we kissed and cuddled had some more coke then were at it we sleep together every night and are both having the best sex of our lives is it wrong or should we carry on as we are both happy

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