Girl-friend’s Sister Watches Us Having Sex

After my divorce, I dated Myra for almost 5 years. She and her sister lived together in a house they bought with a high mortgage. She pleaded with me to leave my apartment and move in with them to help pay her bills every month. I already knew her sister well but still can’t believe how crazy things have become.

Myra and I sleep together so I’ve seen her naked many times. Both Myra and her sister Megan are in some type of night clothes every night after work. Megan wears a simple t-shirt or nightshirt most of the time and its evident she has no underwear on. Some are sheer enough that I can see her body and Myra never said a word about it.

Over the first year, even I had become less modest around them. I’ve been here 3 years now and nudity around each other is common. I have never had sexual contact with Megan but we see each other naked several times a week and Myra only smiles when we talk about it. I can’t recall how many times Megan has seen Myra and me having some sort of sex.

About six months ago Megan opened the bedroom door as Myra was blowing me and jerking me off. She just stood there conversing with Myra about a concert they were going to. Myra kept talking to her and jerking me off at the same time. I just laid there naked and I think having Megan seeing me like that made me ejaculate faster than normal.

Myra wasn’t even looking at me and as soon as I came Megan just laughed and told Myra I was done. I told Myra afterward how Megan watching me was extra arousing and caused me to cum faster. You would think that Myra would be upset that I admitted that but instead, she thought it funny.

She ended up telling Megan so now once a week or so Megan opens the door while Myra and I are having sex and just stands there watching. Megan sees us having intercourse and also performing oral sex on each other. It is Myra who encourages Megan to do this every week and told Megan what I had said about her watching me.

I eventually asked Megan if she actually wanted to watch us and she admitted she does. All she said was not to tell her boyfriend about it. I certainly won’t and never realized how much it turns me on when she does this at Myra’s request. Myra just says she likes making me happy but really don’t like her sister watching. She still insists that if I like it, its OK with her. She has told me numerous times that Megan likes to see me ejaculate.

That explains when Megan does watch Myra is usually giving me oral and jerking me off letting Megan see me cum.

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