I Did Lots of Sins From My Childhood to Till Date

hi this it feels very difficult but I have to do this, i confess that i did lots of sins from my childhood to till date. when i was 15 years old my body was growing and there were happening lots of changes in my body and mind, then i got information about masturbation by my friends, after that i used to do that continually.

i had become about to addicted it, and I was having huge attraction about opposite sex, due to that lust i forgot brother and sister relation, and i started doing sexual tricks with my younger sisters, i was taking advantage of deep sleep of my sisters at night, i was understanding that it is wrong, but i was blinded towards my lust, i thought this is a big sin of my life and i am suffering it effects till date.

I just don’t know how to get relief of this, but doing this online confession I feel some free mind, friends pls forgive me for this I also like to highlight my all sins here number wise

  1. self-masturbation
  2. sexual molestation of my younger sisters and some male friends.
  3. killing butterfly
  4. killing snakes
  5. intercourse with other wives
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