Taking Advantage

My hot older sister has been having marriage problems about two years. She and I have always gotten along well, including sexually, but hadn’t done anything lately due to distance between us.

Thanksgiving night, I’m at her house as sleeping/passed out brother in law is upstairs, leaving hot sister and I alone downstairs. She asked me to stay while she took a quick shower, then we’d have a drink. I agreed, and watched her shaking ass go into the small bathroom off the kitchen.

Sensing opportunity to have some fun with her in her own tired, wine-imbibed state, I waited for her to finish. As she came out in a short, white satin robe that highlighted her every sexy curve, I met her in the small hallway between kitchen and bathroom, blocking the way.

At first, she put her long-nailed hands to my chest, thanking me for staying and chatting. Then, feeling my hands go to her waist and untie the robe, she said “Oh..Ok!”, immediately getting the hint what I wanted US to do.

Moving to the living room, older sis and I had sex for about an hour. When brother in law rumbled downstairs about 30 mins. after that and found us having coffee at the table, he said “I’ll go back upstairs..This is a family thing”. How right he was!

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