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    Girl-friend’s Sister Watches Us Having Sex

    After my divorce, I dated Myra for almost 5 years. She and her sister lived together in a house they bought with a high mortgage. She pleaded with me to leave my apartment and move in with them to help pay her bills every month. I already knew her sister well but still can’t believe […] More

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    I Realized That I Liked Girls Seeing Me Naked

    The first time I realized that I liked girls seeing me naked is when I was 15. It was embarrassing to an extent because my cousin and 2 of her girlfriends walked in on me when I was not only naked but watching porn and jerking off. I don’t think I was embarrassed they saw […] More

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    I Always See Pornography

    I always see pornography from 4 years and I think bad about any friends, sister and girls in my college, i also masturbate on their name and imagination. I feel very guilty. Please help me… More