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    Girl-friend’s Sister Watches Us Having Sex

    After my divorce, I dated Myra for almost 5 years. She and her sister lived together in a house they bought with a high mortgage. She pleaded with me to leave my apartment and move in with them to help pay her bills every month. I already knew her sister well but still can’t believe […] More

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    Closeted Married Pervert

    I am married and in the closet and for past several years I entice guys to my house and let them sniff my wifes panties and look at naked pics of her so they will let me suck their cocks and swallow thier cum. More

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    Cum Sandwitch

    this happened when i visited my best female friend. one morning during breakfast, i had a morning boner, and was dying to masturbate. she prepared a sandwich for herself with some cottage cheese on, and after taking a few bites, she got up and went to the bathroom for a wee, and i thought it […] More