Honestly, I Tried to Have Self Control and Pull Out

So this is how it all started. We were at the race track with our dad. Me and her didn’t live together so my dad was dropping me off first. It was dark out on our way home. My sister was in front and I was directly behind her. Out of nowhere she reached back and put her hand on my thigh. My penis got hard IMMEDIATELY! After a few minutes of arguing with myself, I finally said fuck it.

I moved her hand to the bulg in my pants. I had never been so horny in my entire life! Once I got dropped off at home. I waited a little bit then sent her a DM on Facebook. Next thing u know we video chat and masturbate together. For about a year after that, we’d video call and send nudes back and forth on a regular basis. Then it stopped for about 2 years. Didn’t see or hear from her at all during that time. She ended up telling my dad and my other sister EVERYTHING that happened. WHAT THE FUCK SIS!!!

Now, this is where the story gets GOOOD!! My dad was up at the campground with his RV.. I asked him short notice if I could come to hang out. I bring some beers and weed. When I get to the camp ground the first person I see is my LITTLE SISTER. Surprise!!! Fantasies start racing through my head right away. I was so nervous but a little curious to how the night was gunna go.

After about an hour of me being there, we were all sitting around the fire together. My little sister was sneaking alcohol and got pretty tipsy. Next thing i know shes sitting close enough that we’re touching arms and legs. I’m like okay this is fine but i wonder what everyone else is thinking about us sitting so close especially since they all know what happened in the past.

After a while we all head to bed. There was only one guest bed. She was already laying down n stuff. My dad asks me where im sleeping. My little sister answers for me and says its fine if i sleep in the bed too. As soon as my dad shut his bedroom door in the rv…. Me and her start making out. I start fingering her and sucking/playing with her titties. After awhile of 4 play she ends up sucking my penis for a little bit.

After shes done i return the favor by eating out her vagina while i finger her. While doing so she tells me to stop and put my penis in her. MY HEARTS BOOMIN at this point. Ive never been so horny or turned on EVER! i go deep inside her while we make out n kiss each others neck. After about 5 minutes I ask where i should come. She says please not inside her.

Honestly, i tried to have self control and pull out. I couldn’t help myself and filled her vagina with my cum. That was the best sexual experience ive ever had. Absolutely loves having sex with my sister.

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