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    Me, My Girl Friend and Her Boy Friend

    You know what? sometimes this life feels soo meaningless. I thought it was filled with happiness when I saw my first love in 2011 or something. I guess actually I turned out whole of my world into her. Although realizing the truth that she’s not aware what is happening, I continued with only one aim […] More

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    Girl-friend’s Sister Watches Us Having Sex

    After my divorce, I dated Myra for almost 5 years. She and her sister lived together in a house they bought with a high mortgage. She pleaded with me to leave my apartment and move in with them to help pay her bills every month. I already knew her sister well but still can’t believe […] More

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    Crazy Night

    I’m a single, white, average girl next door. I have been dating Roger for 6 months now. We recently attended a party and things kinda got out of hand. After smoking some meth with a girlfriend of mine (my first time doing so), I lost control. I would leave Roger talking to his buddies as […] More