It Excites Me When I Know She Sees Me Naked

My mom and dad do catering on weekends mostly for weddings and other private parties. I’m 16 but they still drop me off at my aunt Linda’s, who is really my moms best friend, mostly on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I’m there for the whole weekend. Linda’s daughter is Anita who is 12 almost 13.

Last year opened the doors a little in either the room I sleep in or the bathroom and saw me naked a couple of times. I even told her mom about it the first time but she kept on doing it. Her mom is always watching tv or goes out a lot of shopping leaving us alone. I was embarrassed when Anita saw me naked the first couple of times but started to leave the doors unlocked on purpose.

Now I tell her when I’m going to get a shower or change clothes because I like her seeing me undressed. I like it more when she watches me in the bathroom and I started masturbating after awhile. Now I never tell her mom about it and Anita sees me naked a couple of times while I’m there.

I know she opens the doors but I just act like I don’t know she is watching me. I’m not sure why but it just excites me when I know she sees me naked.

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