Recent Confessions

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    When My Girlfriend Needs to Poop, She has to Call Me

    When me moved in together my girlfriend and i were very shy using the bathroom together (not peeing while the other brushing teeth etc..) One time i entered the bathroom (without knocking) and saw my gf pooping, the first time in my life. I apologized and left immediately. I realized: It turned me on pretty […] More

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    Sexy Women’s Ticket Shirts are My Fetishwear

    I’m a male with a Clothing Fetish for Women’s Shirts with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. I’m NOT a crossdresser, I’m a Fetishist! My Clothing Fetish is for this single style of Women’s Shirt. I have a “Fetish Name” for this style of Women’s Shirt. I call this style of Women’s […] More

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    Am I Weird?

    A lot of people have stabbed me in the back just because i lived abroad so now i just do what i want on my own and now i prefer being on my own.When i’m in Tenerife i go out and drink with people because everyone comes from different places but here there not very […] More