My Pee Fetish has Gone Too Far

I love being desperate to piss and seeing others desperate/wetting. I also fantasize of being pissed on or pissing on someone else, with and without clothing. I like wetting the sheets on purpose, rubbing it all over myself and smelling it.

I think the only things I don’t like about piss is the taste and the smell when it’s been left in a container for too long. I used to hold it too long on purpose and still do on occasion. I now have urinary incontinence, and I like that too. I like having little accidents and having to piss in weird places like hampers, bottles, jars, secluded outdoor spaces, etc to avoid accidents.

I can’t hold it very long when I wake up in the morning and often have to improvise, so my laundry is always getting pissed in. It gets to the point where my room smells faintly like urine for a full day sometimes because I have to wait to do my laundry.

I have two jars I tried using instead for those moments and having them in my dresser cabinet, but they run out of room too quick to change them out without being caught often enough for it to be an efficient solution, so i mostly use the laundry although it takes extra washes to clean.

I like the way my clothing smells faintly of urine when you get real close. I love how gross it is. I want people to smell it when they get too close to me. Like a punishment. Like an alternative way to tell them to piss off, pun intended. It’s so filthy and I love it.

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