I have fantasies about my sister, I am 15

Im 15, and i have fantasies about my sister. I know, pretty damn weird, But i know im not a alone on this. I guess we have all had a thought, fantasy or dream like this, but mine is recurring. I honestly dont like to think of these things though.

I feel guilty, shameful and gross.

The thing is, it’s not like i am actually sexually attracted to her, but i still think of her like that sometimes. We both have a great relationship, and were good friends, but my head with no brain likes to forget she’s my sister. And yes, we have all had a weird fantasy like this. Lucky im not a pedophile though, now that is the worst. But i still have weird thoughts about her, And i know that most people with sisters have actually had these thoughts as well. I still hate that, I think of that, and i need advice. Anybody Got any advice for me?

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  1. Hello, I am a certified therapist. I can tell that you might seem confused and guilty of these thoughts. Not many have feelings for their sibling, but working on shutting down those thoughts with a different activity might help. In the long run, you can keep trying to lessen your thoughts with a hobby until they’re little to nonexistent. If this continues to get worse though, please seek a professional like me to discuss it further. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. I hope this comment helped and have a great day!

  2. i am telling this that ther are many including me who go through this.

    i not only used to think lustly of my mother;s sister , but also tried one night to get on with it.

    but somehow it not happen.

  3. My advice is get alone, pull it out, imagine her without panties, and jerk off to your sister without shaming yourself. So what, why can’t you enjoy yourself? It’s definitely nasty, naughty, and dirty. It’s definitely not socially acceptable. So realize how fucked up it is and enjoy the thrill it gives you to indulge in such naughtiness. I don’t have a sister but I wish I did, I know we’d have sex. Why guilty, shameful, and gross? Can’t you channel that into pleasure? You don’t have to beat yourself up. Realize it’s your freedom to feel and do what you please and it’s okay to be diffe

  4. I’m not a therapist but I can tell you right now the worst thing you can do is run from what you feel. Denying it, hiding it, or trying to “fix” it is just awful. You’re shaming yourself and demonizing yourself. Best you can do is accept the things you feel, it’s okay. Feel them, explore them, enjoy them, and embrace them. Don’t fight yourself, fuck what’s normal. You don’t have to check if it’s okay before you be you. Why would you try to change vecause someone else says it’s wrong. Who cares what they say, they don’t have any right. Tbh she might feel likewise

  5. Not a therapist here, but here are some things I think may be helpful and I want to share them with you:
    Don’t deny or suppress your thoughts because that will create more negative emotions.
    Instead, try to let them appear and watch them disappear on their own, as thoughts are temporary in nature.
    Everything will be fine as long as you are conscious about your own thoughts and feelings, and ultimately you are in control of making your own decisions.

    You can repeat this daily in your heart or say it out loud as often as you want to:
    “Thoughts are thoughts, they are not real. My thoughts are not me. I know I make decisions that benefits the people I love and others.”

    And as the above certified therapist have mentioned, find an activity or passion that you can indulge on to help you divert your fixation.

    Hope this helps, and please be kind to yourself.
    Best wishes.

  6. I used to play doctor with my sister I loved licking her smooth lips I still fantasize about her puffy pussy lips I’ve seen her camel toe and want to ear her bad

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