I have fantasies about my sister, I am 15

Im 15, and i have fantasies about my sister. I know, pretty damn weird, But i know im not a alone on this. I guess we have all had a thought, fantasy or dream like this, but mine is recurring. I honestly dont like to think of these things though.

I feel guilty, shameful and gross.

The thing is, it’s not like i am actually sexually attracted to her, but i still think of her like that sometimes. We both have a great relationship, and were good friends, but my head with no brain likes to forget she’s my sister. And yes, we have all had a weird fantasy like this. Lucky im not a pedophile though, now that is the worst. But i still have weird thoughts about her, And i know that most people with sisters have actually had these thoughts as well. I still hate that, I think of that, and i need advice. Anybody Got any advice for me?

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  1. i am telling this that ther are many including me who go through this.

    i not only used to think lustly of my mother;s sister , but also tried one night to get on with it.

    but somehow it not happen.