Sexy Women’s Ticket Shirts are My Fetishwear

I’m a male with a Clothing Fetish for Women’s Shirts with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags and Pockets. I’m NOT a crossdresser, I’m a Fetishist! My Clothing Fetish is for this single style of Women’s Shirt. I have a “Fetish Name” for this style of Women’s Shirt. I call this style of Women’s Shirt by the Fetish Name “TICKET SHIRT.” My sexy Women’s Ticket Shirts are my ONLY Fetishwear! My Ticket Shirt wearing Fetish has been a lifelong Women’s Clothing Fetish. I’m sexually attracted to my Women’s Ticket Shirts and I’m a sexual slave to my Women’s Ticket Shirts! Women’s Ticket Shirts are sexually beautiful to me!

To define and explain what a Ticket Shirt is: a TICKET SHIRT is a “Shirt” with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and one or two Pockets. A Ticket Shirt has frontal button closure with the buttons being visible, not hidden. I LOVE Ticket Shirts made from silky polyester. I prefer solid colors ONLY. All of my Ticket Shirts are Women’s Ticket Shirts.

The Collar of a Ticket Shirt is called a “Ticket Shirt Collar,” the Collar Tag is called a “Ticket Shirt Collar Tag,” and the Pockets of a sexy Woman’s Ticket Shirt are called “Ticket Shirt Pockets.” I LOVE to wear a Woman’s Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE to watch myself in a mirror while I wear a Ticket Shirt and jerk off. I LOVE how sexy a Woman’s Ticket Shirt looks on me! My pretty Women’s Ticket Shirts are so Sexually Beautiful to me! I LOVE Ticket Shirts with sexual LOVE!

I have a small penis only 4 inches long when hard. I have a “Fetish Name” for my penis. The Fetish Name for my penis is “Ticket pp.” My sperm also has a “Fetish Name.” The Fetish Name for my sperm is, “Ticket sperm.” I LOVE to wear a Woman’s Ticket Shirt, jerk off and spurt Ticket sperm from my Ticket pp! I also have “pp Ticket Shirts” which are for rubbing my Ticket pp on, and “sperm Ticket Shirts” for spurting my Ticket sperm onto when I jerk off.

I LOVE to wear one of my Women’s Ticket Shirts, and look at and jerk off to a pp Ticket Shirt. I also LOVE to spurt my Ticket sperm onto a sperm Ticket Shirt, then lick and eat my own Ticket sperm off of my sexually beautiful sperm Ticket Shirt! I LOVE the taste of my Ticket sperm, to me my Ticket sperm is DELICIOUS!

I also have a sexual clothing Fetish for a Girl Scout Uniform and a Nurse Uniform. The Girl Scout Uniform is called a “Girl Scout Ticket Shirtdress” and the Nurse Uniform is called a “Nurse Ticket Shirtdress.” Both have Pointed and Notched Ticket Shirt Collars.

I LOVE my Women’s Ticket Shirts! I LOVE to wear one of my sexually beautiful Women’s Ticket Shirts when I jerk off and spurt my Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! I’m LOVING to expose my “Ticket Shirt secrets.”

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