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    He threw away 7 years of our relationship

    He just threw away 7 years of our relationship for someone he barely knew. I was with him since we are at 18, since he had a hard time from getting into university, to finding internship. I was with him when he is figuring out things and don’t know what to do. I supported and […] More

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    I don’t want you.. New Year New Me.

    I wear a leather jacket, denim with holes in the knees, am sexy tomboyish, got curves, big breasts and lips, perfect skin, funny, good looking, charming, intelligent, educated. Grew up in church, keep my values and morals close to my heart. Don’t sleep around, drug and disease-free. Never been a mistress, I run from the […] More

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    I Had Sex and Now Feel So Guilty

    My partner recently finished our relationship and I wanted him back so much but he didn’t seem to want me even though he said he still had feelings for me. I was broken hearted. I then found out he was spending time with his ex partner and I of course presumed he was back in […] More