I don’t want you.. New Year New Me.

I wear a leather jacket, denim with holes in the knees, am sexy tomboyish, got curves, big breasts and lips, perfect skin, funny, good looking, charming, intelligent, educated. Grew up in church, keep my values and morals close to my heart. Don’t sleep around, drug and disease-free. Never been a mistress, I run from the swingers, the polyamorous, whores gross me out they are like walking petri dishes, never committed adultery or had an abortion.

Never drunk so much to stupidly wake up in a room with strangers naked. People always assume I am the wild child, cause I have the rebel devil may care badass attitude, love my friends, love my family, am a great friend, love animals…I am the living version of Drake’s ‘Good Girl,’ song.

Someone told me once “not to settle for second best,” so I didn’t settle for being your option instead of a priority; you never appreciated me, all the support I gave you, all the times I was there for you over the years when people threw dirt on your name I defended you. heard you said my bacon was a little too thick for your taste, so I decided to let someone else who loved it, taste it and appreciate it.

You ruined a great connection and took far too long to apologize or make things right. It takes integrity to admit you are wrong, atone for your wrongdoings, so I won’t be holding my breath. Don’t be surprised when I ignore you at the next event or dinner party when our circles collide. It makes me laugh when you ask around about me, I gave up on us 6 years ago while I was recovering and you were running desperately back to an ex who dumped you to marry someone else.

Hurt people, hurt people. If you can’t bring love, joy, fun and happy moments to my life, I don’t want you. It’s a New Year and a New Me…one you will never, gonna get it, never gonna get it, respect! 🙂

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