He threw away 7 years of our relationship

He just threw away 7 years of our relationship for someone he barely knew. I was with him since we are at 18, since he had a hard time from getting into university, to finding internship. I was with him when he is figuring out things and don’t know what to do. I supported and believed in him when he is feeling down in life.

Now that he finally knows his path and just waiting for his dream job, he left for someone else like I was nothing. Like what we had was nothing. While I am still trying out here. Apparently, it’s not a support and be successful together. 7 years…. And all that gone like a wind for someone he cheated with. We don’t communicate anymore. I’m even more lost in life, in pain, feel betrayed and feels like in withdrawal (after all, that’s 7 years of my life)

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  1. You have to move on. I understand it’s hard for you but you can’t be stuck in a place forever. Imagine being stuck in your favorite place for the rest of life . You’ll enjoy in the first few years and eventually you’ll be tried , you would want to go outside to see how the rest of the world looks like, you have to step out side for yourself . And it’s not like you have lost everything thing, you have yourself. And please don’t do things that you’ll regret in future

  2. same experience with me my boyfriend also left me for someone he barely know… our relationship had more than 4 years but i still love him so i’m not able to delete his no. or anything

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