Which Also Make You More Supsceptible To Catching The Virus

Pt 1: I have worked as a professional psychic, intuitive, empath, clairsentient, counselor, licensed healer at psychic fairs for the past 10 years and very much life a tripple life: Corporate career in which my spiritual gifts come in quiet handy, Creative career in which I am well respected and my Personal Life of people outside my 5 closest friends or clients that no nothing about my gifts, they just consider me “highly spiritual.” My dreams have been prophetic since age 5.

I have refrained from telling my clients about the future, my visions, or what is coming to spare them.

Before the pandemic began the angels who visited my dreams told me not to waste time, the coming plague was to ‚Äòwipe out’ communities and there was ‚Äòno cure.’ Now that Luc Montagnier exposed all the Vaccines for containing HIV, it all makes sense, won the Noble Prize for discovering HIV.

Even Australia tore up a Billion dollar vaccine contract after half of their test subjects tested positive for HIV after receiving vaccines.

Which also make you more supsceptible to catching the virus.

My question is if HIV is sexually transmitable does this place those vaxxed at risk for infecting their intimate partners?

Dr. Fleming further explains this in his presentations on all three vaccines.

COVID is actually PCP Pneumonia, what AIDS patients die of, along with many other medical complications it causes that are killing people.

If you look at the image of blood with PCP versus a COVID patients, the protein spikes are one in the same, they almost look identical.

The problem is the lack of transparency and ethics to provide the public with the right to “informed consent.” AIDS has killed about 40 Million people in the last 20 years, and has orphaned millions of children.

Enabling greedy Governments, gangs, cartels and evil traffickers to exploit innocent children, steal their innocence, traumatize them and also steal their assets and inheritance.

The disater economy movement to kill off parents, and elders to leave behind the most vulnerable to be brainwashed and left destitute is a global movement of the last 10 years.

Google the worlds largest orphanages and you will see what I mean: Syria 12.5 million, Thailand, Africa, Romania.

These helpless babes, too young to talk, uneducated left in the hands of monsters so they can steal what their parents worked for.

Also why Congress passed a bill over the holidays so 62% of your inheritance foes back to the Governement.

The vaccines will wipe out generations, the rest; elderly, lgbt, those that oppose the communist parties will be targeted for elimination by rogue paramilitary groups paid off by the same bio tech pharaceutical companies that killed off many holistic doctors, by making it look like accidents.

The people going into the hospital with a elbow scratch are all be labeled CoVid patients, because you are witnessing a mass Schindler’s List in reverse, where specific groups or unwanted segments of society.

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