Me, My Girl Friend and Her Boy Friend

You know what? sometimes this life feels soo meaningless. I thought it was filled with happiness when I saw my first love in 2011 or something. I guess actually I turned out whole of my world into her. Although realizing the truth that she’s not aware what is happening, I continued with only one aim that is I’m going to make her mine.

I prepared a new version of code for her and wrote all my hard feelings about her with that code and so on. But when I realized that she had another affair after 13 years, I was broken like my entire world was broken into powder and I had nothing left off than my tears. Also, I wasted them all nights for her. I tried to forget her and for that purpose, I guess I started liking other girls as I lost the long term love.

I was not consistent latter. Shahna, nayana, archa, shabnam, nejma talking about this ugly girl. I’ve another long story this bitch was in my college and when I was selected for the rep duty she was in the female side.  So, for that purpose, she called me and made me in a comfortable zone that I shared all of my pains like about Hana and all to her and she made me feel that I’m also good enough and that’s the reason I fell in love with this bitch.

Latter she told me about her present lover that he made her do all the sort of lusty things like blowjob and fingering to make him happy and she told me that she was forced to do soo and gained my sympathy and soon I had to tell her and it was my great mistake that I made her tell me. She also loves me actually; I am sure that this bitch was waiting for it so that she can blame me later if I broke up…

Later was the worst, I forced her to call me and first we talked about our family then as days went by our conversation changed to lusty ones I used to masturbate hearing her crying with lusty thoughts ….and one day I made her fingering by herself and masturbated. I was out of control when I send her the pic of my penis…

When I got my conciousnous back I wondered from where could have she studied all this list full things I asked her she told me her present boyfriend used to send her porn videos …after this dialog, I was actually shocked and I just decided to leave that sentence and continue. But as I showed my old friends her pic they told me she’s not good enough for me. I told them it’s not about look ,character is the main thing but due to interaction with too many friends and their opinion, I also latter thought about it.

At that time itself one day she kissed my shirt in front of me all those sort of lusty things were through mobile phone but after this I suddenly messaged her for the break up as usual act she also cried a lot and called my best friend of that time Sree and he asked me the reason. I told I felt it’s not right so he stood with me.

Although I guess I was wrong but as the story goes you guys may soon recognize that what a bloody bitch is she when we went for a long trip for tech fest. She slept with the present boyfriend even she told bad things.

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