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    I slept with my husband’s rude father

    I slept with my husband’s rude father a year before he died. My father in law was a racist, gross human being, but during a time when me and the hubby weren’t intimate I did a despicable thing. I slept with his old father. I’d say he was in his late 70s but I’m not […] More

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    Me, My Girl Friend and Her Boy Friend

    You know what? sometimes this life feels soo meaningless. I thought it was filled with happiness when I saw my first love in 2011 or something. I guess actually I turned out whole of my world into her. Although realizing the truth that she’s not aware what is happening, I continued with only one aim […] More

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    I Made a Mistake

    I have a wonderful family, one loving wife, one adorable daughter, one beautiful son..I cheated on them..what I can do now, i feel trapped within me, want to be released.. Confessed by: Nobody Gender: Male Country: India More