This is about my true love, I guess

This is about my true love I guess if she accepts….she is studying in pappanamkoodu SCT college EC branch I know she knows me but still like others ignoring me if I visits any philosophical person he would say to leave her because she’s not giving you value then I would say no one’s ever given me value…

Not even my friend s then why should she j love her if I told this to my best friend she would say it’s just an infatuation it may be right but I don’t want it to be like that I want her to be what she’s now I don’t want anything from her by making her in grief all the person whom I loved the most started hating me.

I guess because of my character everybody changed, both in their appearance and behaviour. but I’m still the same childish Jassim if she sees this. means it’s sure that she’ll also start hating me but what to do j don’t have the courage to stand in front of her and say I love you and if I say so I don’t have the courage to hear no from her. because after Hana she’s the one who made me write a diary what is happening around me? I don’t know everything seems sooo dull and I hope if she comes to my life it would make my life alive and filled with dreams.

please accept me, I love you sincerely and I’ll take care of you honestly I’ve seen too many girls turning their heads back when they see me please don’t you do it. if you do so I’m lost into the darkness of pain from which I’ll not be able to come if you don’t let me your hand…..I’m waiting for you to see my true love w8ing…..w8ing…… w8ing…….. w8ing love you…….

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