I am a Sociopath

Everyone thinks I’m incredibly kind-hearted but I am a sociopath.

Nothing personal. Almost all women, but one, who cross my path thinks I’m so nice. Part of me gets the thrill of manipulating people into thinking that I’m someone who I’m not, but the foundation of my behavior is purely logical. Be on the best terms with everyone possible so I can get them to do what I want. I like being involved in other people’s affairs. I’m a typical degenerate on the inside but I learnt from my mother, to portray the perfect gentlemen when it suits me.

I had a girlfriend for 5 years. We started dating during our teens. My coworker questioned that she was a year older than me and I just laughed inside. He’s an Eastern European immigrant of insignificant intellect who cares about short-term ego boosts more than achieving long-term objectives. Dating my ex-girlfriend gave me various social and occasionally economic advantages. Her parents loved me and let me live on their waterfront property during the lockdown. Too bad we broke up. I see she will take some time to get over me. I never loved her. It just made my life convenient that her father and paternal relatives were influential. She was not bad looking either.

Meanwhile I was looking for a replacement within hours. Found a new girl from the UK. Less attractive and athletic in comparison, but being a lab technician sounds more intellectually demanding than being a marketing manager. I just needed a female body to dispense sexual and personal labour. She lives over the bridge. I got to make some new friends. It’s not such a bad deal.

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  1. I do not think you know what a sociopath truly is. You’re a liar as we can be as we feel nothing for anyone, but you’re just weak and lame. No offense. Who have you hurt besides a few girls emotionally? Nobody. Get to business and see what you truly are made of.

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