Nothing Remains Secret If It Is Not Just One Person

I messed up again. Nothing remains secret if it is not just one person.

She was just discussing her personal life with her best friend, or that's what she considered from her side.

And then the topic extended to him as he was related to her.

But, he didn't like that she discussed their life with someone else.

Nothing hides from him that's what she said. How can he be so mean? WHAT went wrong?

She did everything. She tried to warn him. She tried to threaten him. She tried to please him.

But, there was nothing she could do if he did not accept what he was doing was wrong.

He always made it so perfectly believe. Cannot correct anything which cannot be accepted.

She let him do what makes him happy. Nothing could stop him.

But, whenever she decided to let him go, he was back in her life as nothing had changed.

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