My Husband Was Down Stairs In Our Living Room

A few months ago after, a Bath I was in our bedroom getting changed.

As I stood reaching for my dressing gown, I realised suddenly that I had forgotten to close our curtains.

Not only that, but the husband of a woman I knew a little, was watching me from their bedroom opposite.

My husband was down stairs in our living room. The man smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up!

I finished putting my dressing gown on and he gave me a mock pout.

I found that the thoughtg of being seen by him excited me and I found my womanhood dampening.

After that time he has seen me a number of times, I've even taken to parading around naked for him in our bedroom.

He in turn reciprocated and showed my his erect cock.

We've watched each other masturbate, even doing it together.

I know that it is only a matter of time until things progress and he'll want things to go further.

Although I normally don't act like that, our voyeurism gets me randy and I'm worried that come the day, I'll go along with what he wants from me.

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