I Wish To Say This To Him

Allow me to burst out the feelings I am having right now.

I'm currently in love with this guy and we were together not until I told him about me having a baby at a young age.

He hesitated and I decided not to give him a hard time thinking and said, 'it's okay we can be friends'.

The inside me was hoping he will argue and will push our relationship but sadly he said 'that is what I was trying to say'.

I'm 18 and yes I had a baby at a very young age.

This is my first-time relationship that affects my past and I realized it will in the future.

I don't wanna push things that weren't meant for me but I really like him.

I wish to say this to him.

I wish to hear from him that he still likes me even though not being in a relationship.

I resented how dumb I was back then having a baby but I shouldn't hate my baby I know that too.

My whole perspective just changes because of this experience and I wish to tell him 'I miss our movie dates, the anime we never finish watching, and the Zombie movie that we never had a chance to watch because we split off'.

When we were in a relationship we never said the words 'I Love You' because maybe we were shy to say it first, we delivered those words through appreciation and memes and that was cute, we said 'I LIKE YOU' instead of I love you, and that was the whole thing for me.

We were so perfect it's just so sad we end like this.

For the first and last time, without you hearing and reading this, I wanna say, I Love You Daniel.

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