But Recently, She Started Farting More When I Eat Her Ass

My wife loves her ass eaten during sex and as a way to relax outside of the bedroom.

And I love to eat her ass! But I've wanted a little more…

I've implied to her a few times over the past year that I want her to fart when the is cumming and I'm eating her ass.

At first she was turned off and kind of embarrassed to learn that she'd already accidentally farted a few times.

But recently, she started farting more when I eat her ass. I've made it clear that I like it.

A few weeks back I had her play with her vibe on her back with her legs up and ate her ass.

She farted while cumming.

I loved it and she admitted she loved it too, but wouldn't way what she loved.

Last week we did it again, but this time she farted for much longer and came a super long time while shouting, "Oh my god!

Holy fuck this feels soooo good!

I love this!" So when we fucked after that, I asked her what she had just done.

She said, "I pushed out when you ate my ass".

THen I asked, "Where did you push into?" and she said, "Your mouth".

Then I asked, "And you loved it, didn't you".

She finally answered quietly, "Yes". I love this hot goddess of a woman!

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