I Have A Terrific Boyfriend And Great Family

At 22 I am still like a tom-boy and play fast pitch softball, lacrosse and jog every day.

I have a terrific boyfriend and great family.

For 10 months I have gotten myself involved with something I know is wrong yet every week I continue with it.

Nobody knows about it and I'm ashamed to admit I enjoy and look forward to it.

Casey, which is his nickname, is my aunt Marian's step brother.

He's no relation but has been a part of our family since I was a little kid.

He is a trainor and coach at a local college. He's 46 and well respected by my whole family.

It began innocently when he was instructing me how to stretch and exercise before a softball or lacrosse game.

Then, 10 months ago it became much more.

He had me convinced the procedures I did before games were very helpful.

When he invited me to go to his apartment for a workout I was more than willing.

It started with me in my spandex outfit where he stretched my legs, arms and adjusted my neck and back.

As I went back each week things got more touchy feely yet I did not object.

By the time a month went by he began giving me a massage along with everything else.

There was a table for massages that he brought home each time from the college.

That's when he began telling me how he helped the students at college.

I think it was the 6th or 7th time when he handed me a terry cloth wrap.

He didn't ask and didn't demand but just told me to undress and just wear the wrap.

It was long and covered my breasts down to my knees.

Even though I was reluctant to wear it I just decided to do it.

He did the stretching and adjustments and at times I knew I was exposed to him just by the way my legs were twisted and arranged.

I think my biggest mistake was not saying anything as he massaged me.

I had the wrap covering me but his hands were under it on my bare skin.

I simply said nothing because it felt so good.

Over a few weeks little by little the wrap was moving up and down with his hands getting closer to my breasts and vagina.

He had already by that time had me permit him to rub my butt telling me it is also muscle.

Just the way he massaged my thighs and butt was causing me to become aroused, mainly when I was laying on my back.

I didn't have to guess if he viewed my butt and vagina because at one point he mentioned that I shaved down there.

I was less embarrassed than I should have been and just smiled when he mentioned it.

It was a few weeks later when I unintentionally reacted to the way his hands were in my thighs.

I was completely aroused and felt myself getting wet.

He knew it then and that was the first time he touched my vagina.

He didn't and still hasn't fully penetrated me but knows where my G spot is.

That first time I had 2 orgasms.

That was the first time he said we should keep these "sessions" between ourselves, which I agreed.

Neither of us ever mentioned it before but now I knew never to.

Two weeks later the wrap came off and now these massages are done with me naked.

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