Ok Well My Life Was Pretty Ordinary Til I Was 12

Ok well my life was pretty ordinary til I was 12 before that age i re member my sister dad touch me so when 12/13 my sister's then 6 and 8 and my 5 yo cousin came home from school i was high and had the sudden urge to touch them so grab M (8) and put hand up dress and fingered her the grab K (6) and pulled her undies down and started to put my fingers inside her i was quite rough she started to cry as she did B (5) went to run past i stuck arm out and pulled her onto my lap where i had my penis out of my pants and made sure i was in side her school dress my penis resting on her pussy her undies still on this stage i said to them both very sternly "from now on i own you both til i or you die" i told K to lift her dress and bent B toward her pussy and made B lick K while took B undies off and pushed my penis in towards B pussy i didn't get in that time so I let her go room and grab arm before she left and told her I would burn all her undies if she put any on she told M now M being oldest come out to where I had tip in K and as M entered room she was close enough to me saying no dont do that to K so I stopped and stuck 1/4 of my penis very aggressively inside M she screamed i put hand on her mouth muffler sound as i forced up to half my penis in and out her she bled everywhere after 15 mins i cum inside her and she ran to bathe she was in bath near 45 mins when B ran in there pussy bleeding i was enjoying this alot altho I knew it was wrong now having K completely naked and in her room knowing my mum wasnt due home for another 4 hrs i finger n kiss/licked K til she was not completely dry just would not go wet like M n B so I pissed on her pussy as was just finishing piss i rammed the head of my penis inside her with hand on mouth having learnt from before I was amazed i got 3/4 my penis inside K 6yo pussy I fucked her for just over 1 hr then went to shower with her and washed her down my self while fucking M again and making sure B knew who was boss since this time I've fucked and had 2 kids with B and i fuck M as i please K is here with me now and said I cant but i been playing and video her bum and tits and pussy all day with her clothes on and have told her no matter what i òwn her and she do as told so im have sex with K now 27 but still looks 13 so she the special one I.dont know if im mentally ill or just sick and twisted fucked up but i take all girls in family virginity by time they turn 14 because its my right i just started fucking my 9yo niece and she does not like but i have been all the way penis inside her and it feel amazing never used protection ever if i want my cum inside them they dont have choice they are mine til they look older than 17

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