Warning! Long Post, Stealing In Last Paragraph

Warning! Long post, stealing in last paragraph.
So just a bit of history first.

i was into large women awhile ago, like really thick, gg tits and 50inch ass, never liked big bellies.

Not so much now after a weird blood/life fetish encounter with a bbw hooker that lasted months.

However when i am in a very feral, sex crazed state of mind i tend to drift back to that and delve further to extremes ( not proud at all).

But my brother has a girlfriend and has for years.

She was always large which is odd for an asian.

But i think she may have an eating disorder cause she eats takeaway for every damn meal and i mean every.

Anyway she moved in a few years ago and since then she has just ballooned up.

Like shes around 5 foot, but maybe dd tits, belly that hangs down over her panties, and a fucking huge ass.

Looks 50 inches plus, and she always wears tight clothes that smother her ass and tits.

Everyone complains about it as she is not attractive to us, i am not attracted in a sense.

I would not date her at all nor try anything with her, but when i get into a feral/aroused state, my mind tends to go to a bbw feedee sort of fetish.

Half the fun is the fetish, the other half is the thrill of these tabboo thoughts.

Sometimes when im playimg with myself imagine her naked, or fucking her.

Even worse sometimes i fantasise about feeding her and making her ass bigger.

Once i found a pair of her yoga pants in storage, they looked like they were for someone half her size but she wore them none the less.

I stole them, wore them and jerked off with them. Ripping a hole in them.

Did the same with her bra once, and a tight pair of red lace lingerie another time.

Both times were amazing, but i felt so ashamed afterwards.

Like im invading this girls privacy and betraying my brother.

I always feel ashamed from it but seem to do it every few months.

I dont like the girl, infact i wish she would leave and not drag my brother down.

But i just cant help but do this shit sometimes. Feels good to confess. Sotry for the long post

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