Good Luck Resolving Your Issues By Not Denying That

Dear ex-husband,

I heard you have known that your best friend supports me instead of you during our divorce.

But you probably didn't know that I also fucked him.

You have ruined my last few years of my youth age, and made me gain experiences of living in a shelter and feeling total helpless.

You are also trying to trick the court to get spousal support from me by claiming your hourly income rate is $15/h while it is $200/h, when I don't have money to even rent a proper apartment.

But thank you for introducing me to a guy that's real genuine and has a good heart, unlike you who's always faking your kindness in front of others but treating me like shit at home.

Oh, did I mention that he also has a bigger penis and much better skills in bed?

Oh, how I want to send this letter to you as a revenge to all these years of enduring your gaslighting and abuse.

But I won't, because no matter what I do, it won't really help me, it will only prove to you and your "friends" that I am "the problem".

I don't want the chaotic and dramatic life that I had with you anymore.

I learnt how to do tax and how to manage my life after I left you.

First time of many years I finally had a stable and quiet life.

I have a job that pays fine, and I got a therapist and a coach to help me improve myself.

I will be a better person and I will work hard on myself.

You, will still stay as a narcissist because you refuse to acknowledge your own problem or work on it.

Yeah, dancing around the real problem and just telling therapist "my problem is the anxiety about money".

Good luck resolving your issues by not denying that.

You are afraid that I will expose you and you want to add a legal term to make me not to post anything online about you.

Rest assure, I won't do any of that.

I will let you have your life with no issues, because I don't want to give you any chances to let you finally realize that maybe you are indeed a bad person.

No, I want you to bring your all toxic behaviors along with you then slowly falling into the peat bog that you created.

You are so much older than me, there aren't many years for you left to get better anyway.

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