When I Remember Back Things She Had Done to Us

2 years ago, I had a thing with a guy named Jake* for many months and everybody in my circle of friends, Clara*, Carol*, John*, Elijah* and Stephanie*, knew about it. However, I had my suspicions about Stephanie and Jake but couldn’t seem to get the truth out. Eventually, I left Jake for personal reasons and I also broke off my friendship with Steph because, well, she was incredibly annoying and kept spreading bad rumours about me, all because I couldn’t pay her any attention (I was busy with college assignments).

On September last year, Jake came back to me and promised to change for me. When I saw promising changes, I decided to date him. It was only after I started dating him that he confessed he had slept with Steph while he and I were still in the stage of having a thing. And mind you, he told me at that time to not go to any other guys except him. He said that Steph had seduced him. I was enraged for weeks and had even threatened to break up with him, to which he begged and cried not to. Had he slept with someone I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have cared, honestly. But he did it with my friend and this friend of mine decides to stab me in the back too. In a fit of rage, I began attacking her subtly and indirectly on Twitter.

She knew I was onto her and deactivated her Twitter account, posting on Instagram that some people were ‘making a fool of themselves’. That threw me in another fit of rage and I started attacking her publicly on Instagram, calling her out for her betrayal and I had every right to be angry. Eventually, she deactivated her Instagram account too. Not feeling satisfied, I attacked her through my WhatsApp status and soon found that she had blocked me. My collegemates began to notice that something was amiss and asked me what had happened. I told them the whole story and as it turns out, she hadn’t only been backstabbing me, but also many others in our course (Steph is our junior).

We started to gang up on her and called her out in a WhatsApp group comprised of all of our course students – seniors to juniors. I even started leaving her number everywhere and found out that random people had been contacting her for a free fuck (As advertised). A few hours ago, Clara (Who hates Steph as much as I do) told me that Steph possibly might have had her number changed from all the harassment she had been getting in the past 2 days. I feel that she deserved it. She had done more than betray me like that.

Basically, she seduced Carol’s crush, seduced Clara’s HUSBAND (Elijah) while Clara was pregnant, seduced John but turned it around and said he was taking advantage of her, thus causing her then-boyfriend to punch John in the face, and also tried to seduce my collegemate’s boyfriend. At times I do feel bad for doing that to Steph but when I remember back the things she had done to us, I feel nothing else other than satisfied.

* Names changed for privacy reasons.

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