Now He Says I am His Wife

My parents were stationed in New York. I learned that after 18 my visa had expired and I had to return home. My dreams of college and life were destroyed, I could not go back to my country, I hated it there. A friend of a friend told me that the only way to stay, immediately was to get married. I married this friend of a friend and went to college and got my residency and citizenship that way. This man saw me from time to time and more than one time he forced sex on me. I couldn’t say anything or I would be deported. I never offered or agreed to sex, of any kind. It disgusted me, made me want to vomit, and he enjoyed it, he forced me to keep my eyes on him while he performed his sex act on me. It was once in a while, not often but when it happened it was just what it sounds like.

After college I got a job and was able to get a nice apartment and live the way I wanted. But he came to town and when he did, it was the same all over again. It didn’t matter what position he force me into, however he overpowered me until he could access me and commit his marital rights on me. In one of those occasions I got pregnant. Why I never got pregnant before is a mystery, but I did get pregnant and I had a daughter. He is as loving a father as you could want. She is spoiled and he is the light of her life. I don’t resist him, not in front of her. He won, he can now have sex with me without a fight or having to overcome me by force. Now he says I am his wife.

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