Starting In My Childhood I Have Participated In Homosexual Acts

Starting in my childhood I have participated in homosexual acts.

I became quite active in college, but after leaving college and starting my career and family I chose to be discreet and limit my homosexual contacts.

My career took me to parts of the world where I was nothing more than a hotel accommodation.

During these trips as the opportunity presented itself I engaged in homosexual acts with strangers.

I developed a time proven attraction to men of wealth and power. Older, men who could be in charge.

I developed, learned behavior, to enjoy being the bottom as opposed to top.

I am now retired, and my homosexual needs have grown stronger.

I live in a small secluded adult community so I have to very careful here.

I leave the area, on excuses to shop at big box stores.

I've been successful at Walmart, Macy's and Home Depot.

Always looking for a man whose desire is for a man they can control and mount at their pleasure.

Some of these men I have seen more than once.

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