Never Experienced Before the Feeling of Prostate Stimulation

It only started 5 months ago but now its become addictive. I work nights 3 pm to 11 shift and one night there was a power outage. I got home right around 9 pm and when I walked in there was my roommate Dianne (who I knew was bisexual) having sex with another girl who I now know is Marissa. Both were naked on the floor with a table full of sex toys.

They sort of covered up at first but I had just been watching Marissa having an orgasm while Dianne was penetrating her with a vibrator. I had been living with Dianne for almost a year but we had never had any sex together. I was immediately aroused with what I saw and admitted it. It took about a half-hour before I was having sex with the two girls. Not intercourse but both masturbating each other and using sex toys on them.

Marissa is strictly gay but was the one who convinced me to let them penetrate me with the vibrators. About twice a month now on weekends we get together and I never experienced before the feeling of prostate stimulation which Dianne seems to know a lot about it. Its been a few months ago but now Marissa often jerks me off and also penetrates me anally with either a vibrator or one of their dildos. I do have a girlfriend but made them promise not to tell her about all of this.

Marissa is really cute even though she is gay and told me she never had a guy do anything with her and never even jerked off a guy before. I was very leery the first time I let them penetrate me but once they put KY on the vibrator and inserted it in me I went bonkers and ejaculated in less than a minute. I so want to fuck Marissa but she is not interested in that. She does let me use the sex toys on her but that is all. Since it started I have had intercourse with Dianne a few times but most of the sex is with the toys and mutual masturbation.

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