showed me the video he shot while…

I am a 55 year old bi married submissive crossdresser, my wife know i dress but just toleriates it she alows me to dress because i clean, cook and do the laundry, she works days and i work nights, i have met men online from craigslist, squirt and now doublelist, i love men and i love sucking cock, i have benn sucking cock since my teens.

i only had anal sex once and it hurt so much i actually cryed and made him stop, well i met a man on squirt from ny who lived 55 miles away, i invited him after he told me he was dominant and he loved using sissys when he came i let him in and it started nive he kissed me very hard (i love kissing), next thing i know he slapped me very hard in the face, he shoved his dick in my mouth and then he had me eat his ass, he was rock hard he picked me up bent me over the couch and started slapping my ass very hard.

then he tore open my pantyhose and just started pushing his dick in me, then he shoved poppers under my nose and told me to take a deep sniff , when i did he stuck his dick all the way in, it did not hurt the first minute until the poppers wore off, i begged him to stop but he explained the one thing he loved was rapping sissys like me because i could not do nothing about it, he finally came in me.

he went to the bathroom to clean up, i tried to get my self together too, i was shaking like a leaf, when he came out he told me that i would be seeing him from time to time, he pulled out his cell phone and showed me the video he shot while fucking me and promised me my wife would see it if i did not see him at least once a week.

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  1. I met a dominant man one weekend when my wife was out of town for business.Master came over and tied me up and used my mouth and sissy cunt very roughly.When I cried and begged him to stop or at least take it easy he laughed at me and told me that he is in charge and will do what ever he wants .He took videos of me sucking his cock as well as pictures and a video of him fucking me. After he was done fucking me he checked out the entire house before releasing me. He told me the name of where my wife and I work and told me he made a copy of everyone in my phone contact list and if I didnt answer the phone when he calls or meet him when and where he tells me to then he will start sending pictures and videos of me dressed up and sucking cock and being fucked in my sissy cunt to my friends ,co workers ,and family . That was more than enough to make me obey Master.Every time I meet him for sex he takes more pictures and videos,Plus he has all of the pictures of me totally feminized that he has made me send him.

    • Master has pictures and videos of me totally feminized having sex with him and other men and uses them to control who my friends are . He knows that when he sends a friend of mine some pics and or videos of me dressed slutty having sex with men they all but a few dont want to be around me and the few who do enjoy teasing me and humiliating me .I have to introduce Master to everyone so he can watch my humiliation . The only men that say they are still my friend do it because they want to fuck me which I have to let them so Master can get more to black mail me AND them with .

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