I Feel I Have A Sickness

I feel i have a sickness…

i use any chance to sniff my stepdaughters first I did it i was like this isnt going to happen again and then it was daily then it was just me jerking off and smelling them…

then to me timing them when shes coming home or going to the shower.

I was look for them when she isnt home..

then get thrills of doing it when shes downstairs and im upstairs…i literally shoot my load in the pantie pocket and just put them back.

Her room is a mess and she just throws dirty panties everywhere.

Daily i shoot loads in them and each time i say i have to stop but im addicted. The thing is..

i would never touch her in real life ..

and when i speak to her i never think of it well only when shes being a bitch .

But im ashamed to be addicted…i need to stop this .

Even now i just herd her get out the shower and im literally hard because i know how fresh they are..

i have to say shes has a bad attitude i at times do it out of angry…

i literally say fuck you cunt as im burying myself in her panties..i do secretly hate her she treats her mother like trash .

When i do speak to her i do think about it only when she has a attitude for no reason..

i think its like a payback even now out the shower shes being a complete bitch for no reason…its like i want to punish her by doing this Sorry to be explicit but its being honest..

oh and she dresses like a whore

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