More Sissy Secrets

While I was still married to my ex wife Lizzy I was dressing up behind her back. While she was at work I would shave my whole body, soak in a bath of lavender and wear her best outfits and shoes and lingerie and her jewelery. I bought my own human wig and a corset and breast forms, but I wore Lizzy’s pearl necklace and earrings set that I bought her last year. I swear I’ve worn those pearls more often in public than Lizzy has. But that’s not all, I used to sneak out into my car, all dressed up and go meet men in local parks. I am very passable as a woman so there are a few regular guys I can just call when I want sex and they will meet me at my place or theirs….. Two of the most dominant guys used to come together and fuck me on Lizzy’s bed sheets. As soon as I would open the front door to let them in they would start touching me and flirting with me and competing with each other. They must have liked what they saw because I could tell as soon as they arrived that they both wanted to fuck me. Then I’d see the huge bulge in their pants and once I touched them there that was it. Peter would hold me down and Frank would start by making me suck his cock. Then he would drive his huge shaft deep inside me and quickly cum…

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