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    I am a married pastor at the Philippines

    I am a married pastor at the Philippines everyone knows that I am a manly homophobic and straight guy but no one knows what I do for a double life. It started when one of my members confessed about his unusual fetish that in spite of being married at a masculine guy he wears sexy […] More

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    More Sissy Secrets

    While I was still married to my ex wife Lizzy I was dressing up behind her back. While she was at work I would shave my whole body, soak in a bath of lavender and wear her best outfits and shoes and lingerie and her jewelery. I bought my own human wig and a corset […] More

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    Sudden Urge

    I get violent sudden urges to get sex, I disrespect friends with this urge, body mind tenses up and confuses the god soul. Mind disrespects ladies often. I can’t hold friends cause of such urges! I am a fool for going along with these urges, when I was on meth I would have sudden urges […] More