I Steal Panties From Everyone

Hi guys I am a 37 year old attractive married man who has fucked a lot of hot women and I love girls so much I pretend I am a girl and wear stolen panties from my wifes friends and my sister in laws and niece. I have the tiniest little cock anybody has ever seen and I love to embarrass myself in G strings and my wifes bra and thigh highs and lipstick by videotaping myself in full view of my neighborhood as I have my wifes ex boyfriends come over and fuck her and then ram their fat cocks in my mouth and fuck my ass while she laughs at me and stuffs panties in my mouth. My wife loves it cause she gets so much cock and she is a total whore who makes me feel like the sexiest man alive when I am in lingerie and her boyfriends rip her pussy up for me because my dick is pathetic and useless. I wear my mommies panties for her and she makes her friends watch me try to fuck her and they all tease me with their beautiful shaved pussies until I get hard enough to look like a man and stick each of them in their G strings. I suck fatty cocks and let anyone fuck my wife and I want to be a girl so bad my wife calls my cock a pussy.

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