Closet Cross Dresser

I secretly wear women’s lingerie and fantasize about servicing a real man. I even wear panties under my man clothes to work – and I am married.

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  1. e-mail me and tell me what kind of things you where ,I got caught ,not just wearing my wifes panties and garterbelt ,but on my knees sucking our gay neighbors cock .I am now my wifes cuckold sissy husband

  2. I also secretly dress. Love being in fem things. Also gone to work in panties and stockings . I love meeting strange men and be used for their pleasure. I'd like to chat with other 's like myself or men who like sissy guys like me.

    • In my case, it’s not a secret anymore. When you are into crossdressing, you often outdo yourself every time. For shorts I used to wear them without showing off my ass cheeks. Now I make sure half my cheeks are exposed in public. I wear them at the market, malls, and public transport.

  3. I to am a panty sissy and wear panties hose bralett and a cami under my work clothes daily my nipples are always erect fromthe feel of my lace bralett and of course my sissy clitty is also constantly aroused in my silky panties. I also will met other panty sissies on Craig's list and we always pleasure each other so well and share our sweet cummle pies

  4. I also wear lingere under my boring male clothes daily I have found that a bralett
    Et is the best choice for bras .ther is no band or snaps to show through your shirt I love the braletts with silky cups and the rest being some pretty lace all of my braletts match my panties and I fel so stimulated all day as I often find my self fondling and rubbing my stiff sissy nipples. As I rub my sissy breast my little clitty cock also starts to feel soo good and starts getting hard . At lunch I will rub myself through my pants and panties until I make a warm sticky cummle pie in my panties. The rest of the day I am constantly reminde of what a panty sissy I am with my warm wet sissy panties full of my sissy cum. When I get home I can't wait to take my cum soiled panties off and taste my sweet cummle pie l left there at lunch.. Soo yummy

  5. I also am a closet cross dresser since a very young age. My wife does not know and we have been married for 15 years. I some times also wear panties under my clothes. I have even wore panties around the house with a long night shirt. She has never caught me yet.

  6. I also am a panty sissy. My wife has caught me pleasuring another panty sissy and I am now her permanent cockold sissy. I am dressed daily as a sissy under my bornig male work clothes. I have found a nice satin and or lace bralett to be a very good option for a closet sissy . The back band strap does not show through male clothing. Of course I also wear my cute bikini panties and thigh hi stay up hose daily. When the weekend arrives my excitement level gets soo high knowing that I have two days of being sissified, humilated and degraded by my wife and her lovers. I am made to serve them drinks and meals and see to it that they are comfortable prio to their love making sessions. I am always so excited when they decide to make love in front ans allow me to watch. My pathetic sissy clitty will get so hard as I watch my wife service her lovers. After their love sections I am then told to clean all the cumin pie from my wife's pussy Ian suck the last few drops of cum from her lovers big cock. It is burning this time that I am degrades and told what a worthless panty sissy I am. As soon as all the cum is properly cleaned up I am fill ally released from my little pink sissy cage and allowed to masturbate. My wife and her lover always make fun of my sissy clitty and tell me what a worthless panty fagg I am until I finally unload a nice hi load of sissy cum which I am also made to clean up. While on my knees cleaning my ejaculate my wife's lover will then make me the ultimate sissy as he slowly presses his large cock into my fagg sissy pussy after he is fully inside me I am then fucked like the sissy slutt I Neva always wanted to be. The feeling of his hot cum inside my pussy makes me cum again. The feel of a big cock pounding my sissy prostate and stretching my sissy pussy always puts me over the edge and I spray another load of sissy juice while my wife again makes me clean up like the little sissy cum dump I really am. After I am made to go to my room I love the feeling of his warm man cum dripping out of my little sissy pussy making my butt cheeks warm and sticky and soiling my panties. I then sleep like a satisfied little panty sissy and long for the next weekend and my next sissy session

  7. Be careful as I have heard of such a sissy being taken over by one of his wife's lovers and put to work as a sissy whore with the threat of a good whipping if he did not earn enough money for his new master. Or maybe that is what you want to happen

  8. I'm a sissy too!
    I've been married for over 20 years and my wife doesn't know.
    I dressed before I got married ever since I was a kid.
    I get dressed every opportunity I can.
    I wear a training bra and a thong under my male clothes most of the time.
    I feel so naughty when my wife gets home knowing that I am wearing them and she doesn't know.
    I look so much better than she does in lingerie.
    I even own better lingerie than her. It's kind of funny when I think about it.
    I wouldn't think twice about wearing a thong… she thinks its awful…I thinks it so sexy.
    I'm tired of touching myself, fingering my hole and eating my own cum though.
    I have been actively looking for a man to make me his slutty girlfriend.
    Having him make me suck him and swallow his seed.
    Eventually bending me over and taking my virginity.
    I get so excited thinking about it…

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