I Just Obey to Keep From Being Hurt

Carol and I have been married for almost two years now and are so happy together. Her parents like me and I get along with both of her brothers in front of everyone but things are totally different in reality.

They act nice when anyone else is around but when they get me alone they slap and hit me hard and they have complete control of me. Last weekend we were at my wife’s parents house and her brothers stopped by to fix a leaky faucet in their mom’s bathroom and asked me to help them. I knew better than refuse so I followed them into the bathroom and as soon as we were out of site I was ordered to drop to my knees and they made me suck each of them off.

This has been happening since right after they met me, they visit or we do and they even have my wife send me over for some stupid reason and the first chance they make me suck their cocks. I have refused and got beat till I begged them to let me suck them off so I just obey to keep from being hurt.

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  1. My wife’s brothers found out that I exploit her good-natured willingness to please, by tying me up in a rubber-lined bag (she knew about this before we married, and said it was okay) but somehow these guys found out. and now THEY do much more of this than even I want, sending her to visit her parents each an every weekend, while they face-fuck me over and over, taking turns, using the small zippered opening at my mouth. They also beat me, although the heavy bag absorbs a lot of the punishment. They also piss in my mouth, and have started to chain and padlock me in the bag, and take the keys with them, telling my wife that I deserve to stay in the bag until the following weekend, and if she tries to free me, they will tell her parents the whole sordid deal, exaggerated for maximum shock-value. Simple, timid soul that she is, she takes the line of least resistance, and just commiserates with me, and provides endless hand-jobs, to ease my “suffering”…I have to admit I’m getting rather addicted to this, though I would never admit it. because if the brothers thought I was enjoying it, they would stop…

  2. My in-laws just LOVE to encourage my wife to let them have the keys to my bondage-bag, so she can’t let me out, without their permission, which they never give…every evening her father and her two brothers come around, and make me suck all of them, via a zippered opening at my mouth…the other one at my groin exposes my entire package, pulled painfully outside, and the zipper tightened down round the roots…she seems quite satisfied with impaling herself on me, like that…this promises to become a permanent arrangement, I think, and I’m ambivalent about it, although I seem to have a deep dark need for such brutality.

  3. My first queer experience was basically forced. I was 16 in Sylacauga, Alabama. A dominant, 40ish y/old fat man got me inebriated, on my knees wearing only a Trans Am tee shirt, and told me I WOULD suck his dick. I did.

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