I am a married pastor at the Philippines

I am a married pastor at the Philippines everyone knows that I am a manly homophobic and straight guy but no one knows what I do for a double life.

It started when one of my members confessed about his unusual fetish that in spite of being married at a masculine guy he wears sexy lingerie and show it to foreigners for money at first I feel disgusted but I can’t imagine how a bodybuilder guy became a sissy… He shows me some pics of him wearing satin lingerie and I was shocked he said he is earning 200 – 400 dollar per show.

At that time I badly need the money he said if I was ok to watch after a few days we went to the city because we are at the province we went on an apartment as I open I was shocked and laugh because it is like a dollhouse pink curtain and pink satin bedsheet really far from his personality…during the time he set up the camera for a show another knock on the door ok was nervous.

As he opened I saw a guy giving him a sachet then he pays. He next set up a foil I was curious watching him and after I see I now realized it was drugs he smokes for some time it was off for me. And I tried to walk out he holds my hand and hand me the foil just a few smoke after he insists I fell in.

After I start to use the drugs I experienced a different thing and gave in he tried to kiss me and hold my penis but I push him. He for me and remove his shirt then he gets satin lingerie at the drawer and wears it in front of me… And he sits on my lap. He tried to remove my shirt and kiss me and I just let him.

He then gets the syringe on put some meth on it. And he injects it to me I have intense euphoria I remove my pants and let him kiss me and suck me. After a while, I ask him if I can wear lingerie to he get gold lingerie and put it on me we sex kiss lick and suck each other. And seeing ourselves online at the computer.

At that time I can’t stop myself I was kissing a guy for the first time while wearing this girly faggot thing. But I don’t care. He then put a dildo and his but and kiss me so hard I suck his dick while he was putting a finger on my butt. After a while I put a lubricant on his dick and sit there I was bumping like a real whore and kissing.

He then asks me if I like it… I said make me a whore faggot please while moaning…

He said from now on I am no longer a man he asks me if I was ok and said to me if I’m a gay. He then instructs me that we should treat each other as a sissy whore inside that apartment we call our but vagina and call ourselves a sister or wife…

He became my mistress… It happens several times a month. I just follow his order he blackmailed me that he will expose me once I stop I beg him and follow his order. we always told to our wife and family that we have a service or job to do. never do they know that their husband became a princess at that room. We sometimes get a callboy or an ugly faggot to worship.

A gay who is working at a parlour came to our apartment and worship he fucked me and suck…

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  1. “I said make me a whore faggot please while moaning…”

    Your experience is so damn hot. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could have the same experience. I’d love to tongue your pink asshole.

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