She Loves Me, And Takes Good Care Of Our Home

My Christian wife goes to church every week, and quite involved in the church.

The thing is she is a sl*t, who is not only being f*cked by other men, but also has a lover she sees once a week,
This all started when I asked her if she wanted my friend to f*ck her, to which she replied an emphatic "yes".

The meeting was arranged and we had a threesome which became a regular thing.

The wife of my friend found out, and so did half my wifes church.

Even after the threesomes with my friend stopped she continued to meet with other guys, including three more of my friends, one of which is her lover now.
I really get horny when she is meeting these guys knowing that the guys c*cks are inside her c*nt, emptying their balls into her.

She is on the Pill, so won't get pregnant, and I get to enjoy the sloppy seconds sometimes, while most of the time I masturbate while imagining all these guys f*cking her.
She is a great wife.

She loves me, and takes good care of our home.

She is beautiful, sexy, fit and really intelligent.

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