Sadly, My Friend Died Many Years Ago

Many, many years ago, and whilst working in a very close and tight community, I embarked on an affair with mt best friend's wife.

My wife was aware of it but was happy, for her own reasons to let it continue.

The affair lasted for a number of years until they moved away and subsequently divorced over something else.

Many people seem to be aware of, or suspected what was going on.

Indeed some told me friend yet he never mentioned it and our friendship continued.

My point is that I never had the courage to be honest and admit the affair to him.

I feared the breakup of his and my friendship of many years so just kept quite.

Sadly, my friend died many years ago. His wife went on, after numerous affairs, to remarry.

However, the fact that I didn't have the courage to admit the affair to my friend has plagued me for four decades and shall, I know be one of the things that I am most ashamed of until the day I too die and have to meet my maker.

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