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    I Watched Porn

    I’m so so so so sorry I don’t know what I was thinking please forgive me father!!!!! I feel so horrible …. Confessed by: Sara Gender: Female From Country: United States More

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    I was a Church Girl

    Six months I was an awesome Church Girl! I was involved in three different small groups and attended weekly services. I volunteered in the children ministry and led the greeting team. I had my daily quiet time and read the Bible. All my friends were Christian, and we avoided sin as much as possible. I […] More

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    Don’t Want to Follow Religious Beliefs

    The more my father pushes his religious beliefs onto the world or onto me, the more I choose to not believe in a god or his beliefs. I do it to spite him, yet I can not force myself to change the religious status on my tags from Roman Catholic to Agnostic. I can’t change […] More