She Has Six Different Men She Spends Time With

My wife leaves for months at a time to live with other men who have sex with her. She returns for several weeks to a month then leaves for a month to be with a different guy. I know she has met them on line and that they have big cocks because I have seen pictures of them. She has six different men she spends time with.

As for me I stay home work a full time job and when home dress as a cuckold sissy I am and take care of the house chores. Every so offen she sends a random male over for me to satisfy his needs. Sometimes they choose to hump my ass, normally I suck cock. This is watched by her and her lover live by computer so they can watch me satisfy my male visitor.

By: Sissy C

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  1. So happy that your wife is living the sexually fulfilling life that she deserves and that she has put you in your proper place. I hope you take pride in what you are and joy in what you do. Know that you’re not a real man and that as her husband you were worthless but as her sissy bitch you are valuable and your life has meaning. Do what she wants, make her happy, do not hinder her, and milk the cum from the malls of real men with joy in your heart. Wake up every morning with intent to be the best sissy that you can be.

  2. You are such a loyal husband .Even though she is off having sex with real men she is thinking about you by sending men over for you to have sex with . She is making sure that you still are having an active sex life which you obviously enjoy other wise you would have stopped that some time ago. Out of curiousity why havent you divorced her ?? Is it because you are hoping that she will suddenly change her ways and come home to you for good ?? Sorry gurl,that isnt going to happen ,maybe one day in the future when she hits bottom and has no place to go .Im not nocking you because I know what you are going through,,been there. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed .Doing things to keep you busy works to keep your mind off her and she is helping you with that by sending men over to keep you busy .

  3. As a sissy your living the dream of most other sissies, my self included. I had an erection reading your story. Like you, I would be happy living such a sissy life.

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