Me Becoming A Chastity Locked Sissy Drastically Improved Both Of Our Sex Lives

I do not have a cock. I have a tiny little clitty that’s only there inches fully erect. I could never please my wife. I felt terrible about it but it also made me horny and soon the only thing that made my clitty hard was sissy porn. My wife finding out was the best thing that ever happened to our marriage.

She locked my little clitty up to prevent me from touching it. At first she let me masturbate once a week, then she changed it to once a month. Now the last time I was allowed to rub it was on my birthday 2 years ago.

But our sex life is fantastic! She goes through new boyfriends all the time. All of them much better endowed than me and able to please her. I get to eat their cum out of her pussy or ass hole when they finish. Occasionally I get to suck their cocks or get my own ass fucked if they swing that way which is always a treat. She pegs my ass frequently and I cum often from it.

I don’t cum as often as when I was allowed to rub my clitty but every orgasm I have from having my boi pussy drilled is so much more intense and fulfilling.

I’m so glad that she now knows sexual satisfaction and I hope she keeps me locked up forever.

We’ve even discussed castrstion. I’m all for it but she’s still unsure because she likes the idea of me being horny and unable to do anything about it besides shoving things up my boo pussy until I make squirties.

BY: Sissy Jacqueline

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  1. Cindy 4 months ago

    My wife told me that we were going to Japan for vacation.When we got there she told me that she had made me an appointment with a special doctor who would help me with my erection problem .We went to see the doctor and after the examination she told us she was willing to do the procedure on me the next morning .We showed up bright and early and she made a small incision and a few small snips and sewed me back up and sent us on our way. My wife told me that was our vacation and we went back home. When we got home my wife told me to jack off and no matter what I did my sissy dick remained totally limp and lifeless and also I couldnt cum no matter how long I played with it.Now it has shrank down to about an inch long and as thin as my pinky because of not being used .I am so glad that I am still able t have orgasms and have grown to enjoy being fucked hard in my sissy cunt .My wife loves to watch men pounding my sissy cunt good and hard until I finally explode in orgasms so hard they almost make me pass out

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